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The IF registration system is separate from the IF publishing system; when you registers names (names of new taxa, new combinations, new names) or typifications the email address you use to obtain the indentifier also identifies these names/typifications as ‘yours’. When you create an account to publish with the same email address this provides access to ‘your’ names to publish. I you wish to add a missing name use the ‘add missing name’ page.

To register a name which will soon be published click here; To add a name which is already published but missing from IF click here. Please do not register names which have been previously registered with other repositories – e.g. MycoBank – as this creates a duplicate record, and after 1st January 2013 could result in an invalid name.

After you register names/typifications you will be emailed an Index Fungorum identifier which should be cited in the protologue. Names will be reviewed before they become visible in search results. If no publication details are provided the name will not be released. If the manuscript is 'in-press' or currently published on-line only follow the relevant instructions available from the registration page. When registering names/typifications the bibliographic details required are those where you intend to publish the names/typifications you are registering, NOT the basionym reference, or the replaced synonym reference or, for typification, the reference to the name you are typifying – all these details are already available in Index Fungorum and will be retrieved during the pre-publication review. If they are not present the relevant records should be updated before publishing.

You can publish your names immediately after registering a name or names but this requires a login - if you do not have a user login create one here; you can login here. You can view all previous IF publications can be viewed and downloaded here.

Allocations of identifiers in Index Fungorum, MycoBank and other repositories can be viewed here. The identifiers are unique for any name independant of where they were issued. For example, an identifier issued by Index Fungorum will resolve via an Index Fungorum URL - - and a MycoBank URL -

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