Index Fungorum - Species Fungorum Index Fungorum



Many institutions, projects and individuals (almost 500) have contributed data to the Index Fungorum database.


CABI (Paul Kirk)
CBS (Joost Stalpers & Gerrit Stegehuis)
Landcare Research (Shaun Pennycook, Peter Johnston, Jerry Cooper)
, Beltsville (Dave Farr, Amy Rossman, Erin McCray; Saccardo index)
British Lichen Society (Brian Coppins)
RBG Kew (Brian Spooner & Peter Roberts)
Botanical Museum, University of Oslo (Leif Ryvarden, Maria N丩
NBGB Brussels (Alain Dreze)
NYBG (Kevin Indoe)
Swedish Museum of Natural History (Anders Tehler, Monika Myrdal)


Crop Protection Compendium (CABI)
SAFRINET Electronic Description Sheets
UK Government (DEFRA) DARWIN Initiative Kenya
UK Government (DEFRA) DARWIN Initiative Caribbean
GLOPP (Global Information System for the Biodiversity of Plant Pathogenic Fungi)
Home of Xylariaceae (Jack Rogers & Yu-ming Ju)
Trichomycete data (Bob Lichtwardt)
Russulales News (Marco Floriani)
Australian Lichen Checklist (P.M. McCarthy)
AMF - phylogeny (Arthur Schüßler & Chris Walker)
LIAS (A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-Lichenized Ascomycetes)
Checklists of Lichens (A Global Information System for the Biodiversity of Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi) (Tassilo Feuerer)
GBIF (ECAT work programme 2003-2004)


David L. Hawksworth CBE (the last Director of the International Mycological Institute and the originator of the Species Fungorum concept)
Julian Hawksworth (Index to Zahlbruckner's Catalogus lichenum universalis; Index to Lamb's Index Nominum Lichenum)
Mildred Howes (proof reading indexes to volumes 1-4 of the Index of Fungi)
Admir Jose Giachini (miscellaneous updates)
Adriano Spielmann (miscellaneous updates)
Agust쬠Caballero (miscellaneous updates)
Ahmed M. Abdel-Azeem (miscellaneous updates)
Alain Dreze (miscellaneous updates)
Alan Archer (miscellaneous updates)
Aleksandar Krapez (miscellaneous updates)
Alex Pena (miscellaneous updates)
Alexander Akulov (miscellaneous updates)
Amanda Waterfield (miscellaneous updates)
Amy Rossman (miscellaneous updates)
Ana Crespo (miscellaneous updates)
Anders Nordin (miscellaneous updates)
Andr矄e Kesel (miscellaneous updates)
Andr矤e Meijer (miscellaneous updates)
Andr矆raiture (miscellaneous updates)
Andrea Irene Romero (miscellaneous updates)
Andreas Gminder (miscellaneous updates)
Andrej Piltaver (miscellaneous updates)
Andrew Calder (miscellaneous updates)
Andrzej Chlebicki (miscellaneous updates)
Andy Wilson (miscellaneous updates)
.gel Ba౥s Baudet (miscellaneous updates)
Angelo Porta Puglia (miscellaneous updates)
Annarosa Bernicchia (miscellaneous updates)
Anton쬠V쳥k (miscellaneous updates)
Antonio Ortega (miscellaneous updates)
Arne Aronsen (miscellaneous updates)
Arthur Schuessler (miscellaneous updates)
Arthur Vanderweyen (miscellaneous updates)
Arthur Welden (miscellaneous updates)
Bart Buyck (miscellaneous updates)
Beatrice Senn (miscellaneous updates)
Begoguirre-Hudson (miscellaneous updates)
Bellis Kullman (miscellaneous updates)
Ben Wilson (miscellaneous updates)
Bernard Declercq (miscellaneous updates)
Bill Neill (miscellaneous updates)
Bjorn Owe-Larsson (miscellaneous updates)
Blaise Darveaux (bibliographic data and basionym links for names of hyphomycetous anamorphs)
Boris Assyov (miscellaneous updates)
Brent Reeves (miscellaneous updates)
Brian Coppins (miscellaneous updates)
Brian Perry (miscellaneous updates)
Brian Spooner (miscellaneous updates)
Brian Tindall (miscellaneous updates)
Bruce Brown (miscellaneous updates)
Bruce Ing (Myxomycete data)
Bruno Hostachy (miscellaneous updates)
Buck McAdoo (miscellaneous updates)
Carlos Enrique Hermosilla (miscellaneous updates)
Carmine Lavorato (miscellaneous updates)
Carol Hotton (miscellaneous updates)
Carolyn Babcock (miscellaneous updates)
Chris Walker (miscellaneous updates)
Christian Lange (miscellaneous updates)
Christine Roberts (miscellaneous updates)
Christophe L袵ru (miscellaneous updates)
Chun J. Wang (miscellaneous updates)
Curtis Hansen (miscellaneous updates)
Cvetomir M. Denchev (miscellaneous updates)
Dagmar Triebel (GLOPP data)
Daniel Griffin (miscellaneous updates)
Daniel Guez (authors of fungal names data)
Dante De Pellegrin Mu (miscellaneous updates)
David Boertmann (Hygrocybe)
David Chalkley (miscellaneous updates)
David Minter (miscellaneous updates)
David Nicolson (miscellaneous updates)
David Orlovich (miscellaneous updates)
Denisse A. Caruso D. (miscellaneous updates)
Dennis Aita (miscellaneous updates)
Dick Hanlin (miscellaneous updates)
Dick Korf (miscellaneous updates)
Dimitar Stoykov (miscellaneous updates)
Dimitrios Dimou (miscellaneous updates)
Dominik Begerow (miscellaneous updates)
Don Pfister (miscellaneous updates)
Don Reynolds (miscellaneous updates)
Edgar Lickey (miscellaneous updates)
Eiji Yokoyama (miscellaneous updates)
Eleazar Su౥z (miscellaneous updates)
Eleazar Teruel (miscellaneous updates)
Elin Ohlsson (miscellaneous updates)
Ellen Bloch (miscellaneous updates)
Else Vellinga (Agaricaceae; Lepiotaceae)
Emory G. Simmons (miscellaneous updates)
Enrique Descals (miscellaneous updates)
Erast Parmasto (CORTBASE data)
Eric Mckenzie (miscellaneous updates)
Eric Steinert (miscellaneous updates)
Erica Cline (miscellaneous updates)
Erin McCray (miscellaneous updates)
Esperanza Beltran (miscellaneous updates)
Farzad Jahromi (miscellaneous updates)
Fernand Escaoupr籼 (miscellaneous updates)
Florencia Ram챥z Guill謼 (miscellaneous updates)
Francisco Pando (miscellaneous updates)
Francisco Tejedor (miscellaneous updates)
Fran殩s Valade (miscellaneous updates)
Frank Bungartz (miscellaneous updates)
Frank D㬭rich (miscellaneous updates)
Franz von Niederh㴳ern (miscellaneous updates)
Frauke Ziemmeck (miscellaneous updates)
Fred and Barbara Stevens (miscellaneous updates)
Gabor Jancso (miscellaneous updates)
Gabriela Heredia (miscellaneous updates)
Gabriele Cacialli (miscellaneous updates)
Gabriele Ricci (miscellaneous updates)
Gene Yetter (miscellaneous updates)
Genevieve Lewis-Gentry (miscellaneous updates)
George Wong (miscellaneous updates)
Gerald Benny (miscellaneous updates)
Gerald Bills (miscellaneous updates)
Gerard Adams (miscellaneous updates)
Gerhard Rambold (miscellaneous updates)
Gerhard Weber (miscellaneous updates)
Gianfelice Lucchini (miscellaneous updates)
Gianfranco Medardi (miscellaneous updates)
Ginger Ogle (miscellaneous updates)
Giovanni Pacioni (miscellaneous updates)
Grace Sumampong (miscellaneous updates)
Greg Thorn (miscellaneous updates)
Gregor Hagedorn (miscellaneous updates)
Gro Gulden (miscellaneous updates)
Guang-Yu Sun (miscellaneous updates)
Gu㮰ur Gyyj륳d㳩r (Gyda) (miscellaneous updates)
G礲 Deml (miscellaneous updates)
Gunther Van Ryckegem (miscellaneous updates)
Guy Garcia (miscellaneous updates)
Halvor Solheim (miscellaneous updates)
Hans Otto Baral (Zotto) (miscellaneous updates)
Hans-Josef Schroers (miscellaneous updates)
Hao Zheng (miscellaneous updates)
Harri Harmaja (miscellaneous updates)
Heather Hallen (miscellaneous updates)
Heinz Cl謥n殮 (miscellaneous updates)
Henning Knudsen (miscellaneous updates)
Henri Maraite (miscellaneous updates)
Henri Michel (miscellaneous updates)
Hermann Voglmayr (miscellaneous updates)
Hermine Lotz (miscellaneous updates)
Hui Deng (miscellaneous updates)
Ian Gibson (miscellaneous updates)
Ian Pascoe (miscellaneous updates)
Ian Smith (miscellaneous updates)
Ioannis Saligkarias (miscellaneous updates)
Israel P豥z Vargas (miscellaneous updates)
Jack Simpson (miscellaneous updates)
Jacob Heilmann-Clausen (miscellaneous updates)
Jan Holec (miscellaneous updates)
Jan Kohlmeyer (miscellaneous updates)
Jan Hengstmengel (miscellaneous updates)
Jancso Gabor (miscellaneous updates)
Jean Mouchacca (miscellaneous updates)
Jean-Michel Sussey (miscellaneous updates)
Jean-Pierre Dion (miscellaneous updates)
Jean-Yves Charcosset (miscellaneous updates)
Jeffrey Stone (miscellaneous updates)
Jens H. Petersen (miscellaneous updates)
Jens Petersen (miscellaneous updates)
Jerry Cooper (miscellaneous updates)
Jim Ginns (miscellaneous updates)
Jim Reid (miscellaneous updates)
Jim Trappe (miscellaneous updates)
Jo Taylor (miscellaneous updates)
John Alcorn (miscellaneous updates)
John Caling (miscellaneous updates)
John David (orthography; miscellaneous updates)
John McNeill (miscellaneous updates)
John Walker (miscellaneous updates)
Jose Hernandez (miscellaneous updates)
Jos矌uis P豥z Butr캯a> (miscellaneous updates)
Jos矌uiz Bezerra (miscellaneous updates)
Josef Hafellner (miscellaneous updates)
Joseph Bischoff (miscellaneous updates)
Joy Tyson (miscellaneous updates)
J鲥f Geml (miscellaneous updates)
Juan Donoso (miscellaneous updates)
Juan Pinzon (miscellaneous updates)
Juha Kinnunen (miscellaneous updates)
Juliano Marcon Baltazar (miscellaneous updates)
Julio Mena (miscellaneous updates)
J䬠Schreiner (miscellaneous updates)
Jutta Buschbom (miscellaneous updates)
Juventino Garcia Alvarado (miscellaneous updates)
K૭ଠV୫y (miscellaneous updates)
Kanchi Gandhi (miscellaneous updates)
Karen Chamberlain (miscellaneous updates)
Karl Keck (miscellaneous updates)
Karl-Henrik Larsson (miscellaneous updates)
Katherine Challis (miscellaneous updates)
Kathie Hodge (miscellaneous updates)
Keith Seifert (miscellaneous updates)
Ken Harrison (miscellaneous updates)
Kerry Knudsen (miscellaneous updates)
K娣s Gyᦹ (miscellaneous updates)
Kristin Peterson (miscellaneous updates)
Larissa Vasilyeva (miscellaneous updates)
Laurens Sparrius (Enterographa)
Li-Ping Chang (miscellaneous updates)
Lisa Decesare (miscellaneous updates)
Lorelei Norvell (miscellaneous updates)
Ludmila Marvanovﺯa> (miscellaneous updates)
Lui Enao (miscellaneous updates)
Lyn Liyanage (miscellaneous updates)
Malcolm Ryley (miscellaneous updates)
Manfred Binder (miscellaneous updates)
Marc Stadler (miscellaneous updates)
Marcin Piatek (miscellaneous updates)
Marco Contu (miscellaneous updates)
Marco Floriani (miscellaneous updates)
Marco Thines (miscellaneous updates)
Margaret Dick (miscellaneous updates)
Mar쟠In豠Messuti (miscellaneous updates)
Marieka Gryzenhout (miscellaneous updates)
Mariko Parslow (miscellaneous updates)
Marina Capelari (miscellaneous updates)
Mark Skinner (miscellaneous updates)
Markus Scholler (miscellaneous updates)
Masoomeh Ghobad Nejhad (miscellaneous updates)
Mats Wedin (miscellaneous updates)
Matt Trappe (miscellaneous updates)
Matthew Smith (miscellaneous updates)
Matthias Doering (miscellaneous updates)
Maung M. Thaung (miscellaneous updates)
Mehrdad Abbasi (miscellaneous updates)
Meika Verbeken (miscellaneous updates)
Meike Piepenbring (GLOPP data)
Michael Briffa (miscellaneous updates)
Michael Thomas (miscellaneous updates)
Michal Mikš쩼/a> (miscellaneous updates)
Michel Benatti (miscellaneous updates)
Michel Morelet (miscellaneous updates)
Mieke Verbeken (miscellaneous updates)
Mikako Sasa (miscellaneous updates)
Mikhail Zhurbenko (miscellaneous updates)
Milan Franko (miscellaneous updates)
Minoura Shusuke (miscellaneous updates)
Molly McMullen (miscellaneous updates)
Moreno Horcajada Gabriel (miscellaneous updates)
Myriam de Haan (miscellaneous updates)
Natasha Leist (miscellaneous updates)
Nicolas Van Vooren (miscellaneous updates)
Niek Gremmen (miscellaneous updates)
Nigel Sinnott (miscellaneous updates)
Nikica Ogris (miscellaneous updates)
Ninoska Pons (miscellaneous updates)
Odstrcilovenka (miscellaneous updates)
Otto Miettinen (miscellaneous updates)
Ove Eriksson (miscellaneous updates)
Ovidiu Constantinescu (miscellaneous updates)
Pascale Lepoint (miscellaneous updates)
Pat Rogers (miscellaneous updates)
Patrick Leacock (miscellaneous updates)
Patrick McCarthy (miscellaneous updates)
Pedro Crous (miscellaneous updates)
Perez Sierra (miscellaneous updates)
Pertti Renvall (miscellaneous updates)
Pertti Salo (miscellaneous updates)
Peter Johnston (miscellaneous updates)
Peter Roberts (miscellaneous updates)
Peter Welt (miscellaneous updates)
Peter Werner (miscellaneous updates)
Petr Kokeš (miscellaneous updates)
Pierre Gascon (miscellaneous updates)
Pierre-Arthur Moreau (miscellaneous updates)
Qaiser Abbas (miscellaneous updates)
Rafael Castaneda Ruiz (miscellaneous updates)
Ram Keerti Verma (miscellaneous updates)
Rasoul Zare (miscellaneous updates)
Rebecca Upson (miscellaneous updates)
Reinhard Berndt (Uredinales; GLOPP data
Richard Gaines III (miscellaneous updates)
Richard Harris (Dick) (miscellaneous updates)
Richard J. Schmidt (miscellaneous updates)
Richard Kordes (miscellaneous updates)
Richard Moe (Dick) (miscellaneous updates)
Richard Summerbell (miscellaneous updates)
Rick Kerrigan (miscellaneous updates)
Rikke Reese N岢org (miscellaneous updates)
Rita Marvelli (miscellaneous updates)
Robert Ingram (miscellaneous updates)
Robert L譧 (Thelotremataceae)
Robert Shoemaker (Bob) (miscellaneous updates)
Roberta Cowan (miscellaneous updates)
Roberto Fernandez (miscellaneous updates)
Rod Tulloss (Amanita)
Roger Cook (miscellaneous updates)
Roger Peterson (miscellaneous updates)
Roland Moberg (lichen data)
Roman Labuda (miscellaneous updates)
Ron Bronckers (miscellaneous updates)
Ron Exeter (miscellaneous updates)
Roy Hanlin (miscellaneous updates)
Ruben Walleyn (Lactarius)
Ruth Taber (miscellaneous updates)
Sanjeeva Nayaka (miscellaneous updates)
Scott Redhead (miscellaneous updates)
Seyed Akbar Khodaparast (miscellaneous updates)
Shannon Berch (miscellaneous updates)
Shannon Dominick (miscellaneous updates)
Sharon Morley (miscellaneous updates)
Shaun Pennycook (miscellaneous updates)
Siegfried Keller (miscellaneous updates)
Stefan Dressler (miscellaneous updates)
Stephan Helfer (miscellaneous updates)
Stip Helleman (miscellaneous updates)
Sue Gibb (miscellaneous updates)
Sue Jepson (miscellaneous updates)
Susan Gruff (miscellaneous updates)
Tanaka Eiji (miscellaneous updates)
Tassilo Feuerer (miscellaneous updates)
Tatiana Andrianova (miscellaneous updates)
Teuvo Ahti (miscellaneous updates)
Thomas L岳ꮡ> (miscellaneous updates)
Thomas Lehr (miscellaneous updates)
Thomas Motharu (miscellaneous updates)
Thomas Vining (miscellaneous updates)
Tim Baroni (miscellaneous updates)
Tom May (miscellaneous updates)
Tom Moritz (miscellaneous updates)
Ulrik S糩ng (miscellaneous updates)
Unknown (miscellaneous updates)
Unknown (miscellaneous updates)
Unknown (miscellaneous updates)
Unknown (miscellaneous updates)
Uwe Braun (miscellaneous updates)
Vadim Melnik (miscellaneous updates)
Vasilyeva (miscellaneous updates)
Vasyl Heluta (miscellaneous updates)
Veslav Hudeczek (miscellaneous updates)
Vicente Jos矅scobio Garc쟼/a> (miscellaneous updates)
Vincent Demoulin (miscellaneous updates)
Vladimir Vujanovic (miscellaneous updates)
Vladislav Gulis (miscellaneous updates)
Vyrna Beilharz (miscellaneous updates)
Wael El-Gendy (miscellaneous updates)
Walter Gams (miscellaneous updates)
Walter Obermayer (miscellaneous updates)
Wellcome Ho (miscellaneous updates)
William Piel (miscellaneous updates)
Wolfgang Pr᲼/a> (miscellaneous updates)
Woody Wood (miscellaneous updates)
Yei-Zeng Wang (miscellaneous updates)
Yi-Jian Yao (miscellaneous updates)
Yu-Cheng Dai (miscellaneous updates)
Yu-Ming Ju (miscellaneous updates)
Yves Lamoureux (miscellaneous updates)
Zai-Wei Ge (miscellaneous updates)
Zdenek Moravec (miscellaneous updates)
Zhao Ruilin (miscellaneous updates)
Zhuang Wen-ying (miscellaneous updates)

An apology - if you contributed data and do not see your name here then let me know. The ‘project’ to develop the database was never a project (see Mycological Research 104: 516-517, 2000) and as such I did not meticulously keep records of all who contributed; mail me if you would like to be added to the list above (