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The Index Fungorum partnership is pleased to announce that as from 1st May 2005 persistent identifiers have been implemented for the records in the Index Fungorum database. In addition, the name element of the record is 'locked' to the identifier such that if the name element requires change a new identifier will be issued. Each record is assigned an LSID with the following structure:

A resolver will be set up as soon as resources are available. One is available at and can be used to resolve, for example, the LSID for Utharomyces epallocaulus -

Deprecated records, which are not displayed in search results, can be resolved to the correct record only through the Web Services. A human query interface will be provided as soon as possible.

The current database structure currently does not support the assignment of LSIDs to the taxonomic opinions expressed in the ‘Species Fungorum’ component; only the names in a nomenclatural sense are assigned LSIDs.